Dispute consulting & investigations

Investigative support to governments, companies and law firms in complex international disputes, including arbitration, litigation, fraud, asset recovery and corporate investigations.

A major component of GPW’s work is the provision of dispute and investigative consulting to the world’s top litigators and in-house general counsel. We are routinely engaged to gather evidence and intelligence to help clients build and win cases, from simple fact finding and locating and interviewing witnesses, to evidential and investigative support in complex international arbitration and litigation.

A core skill is the mapping of assets of international business figures in support of litigation or arbitral awards. Since its establishment in 2004 GPW has conducted in excess of 250 asset tracing assignments, ranging from single strand search and seize to multi-jurisdiction asset mapping assignments involving many millions of pounds worth of stolen, or professionally hidden, assets. Over the course of their professional careers GPW partners have been publicly identified as having led a number of major investigations into sovereign assets plundered by Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier (Haiti), Sani Abacha (Nigeria) and Daniel Arap Moi (Kenya).

Our team also investigates fraud and malpractice. When management becomes suspicious or aware of potential fraud they need to move fast to understand what went on, who is responsible, why they did it and the level of damage suffered. GPW has honed its fraud investigation methods, including computer forensics and other specialist skills, to bring a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to bear on such cases. In doing so, we apply the highest ethical standards, operating in accordance with recognised best practice, while ensuring evidence will withstand scrutiny by the courts or tribunals at a later stage.

How we can help

Our dispute consulting expertise provides critical insight and information during complex international litigation and arbitration.