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Dispute Consulting & Investigations

GPW provides disputes and investigative consulting to the world’s top litigators and in-house general counsel  

We are routinely engaged to gather evidence and intelligence to help clients build and win cases, from simple fact-finding and locating and interviewing witnesses, to asset tracing and other evidential and investigative support in complex international arbitration and litigation.

We have a wealth of experience in the following key areas:

International Asset Tracing & Recovery

• Mapping the assets of individuals and corporate entities in support of litigation or arbitral awards, often against sovereign states;

• Working with counsel to determine the most promising assets and jurisdictions for enforcement;

• Leading major investigations into sovereign assets (investor-state claims);

• Evaluating potential claims against sovereign debtors to assess the cost vs benefit of recovery;

Litigation support and consulting

• Research to support our client’s litigation strategy – for example, identifying flaws or weaknesses in counterparties’ positions or key pieces of evidence;

• Locating and interviewing potential witnesses for current or anticipated proceedings;

• Documentation review and analysis;

• Investigation of corporate ownership, transactions and money-flows mapping and analysis;

Internal Investigations

• Gathering evidence to help clients build cases against current and former employees;

• Forensic analysis of email traffic and inter-personal relationships (often in the context of procurement fraud);

• Assessing allegations made by whistleblowers;

• Reviewing potential breaches of the FCPA and UK Bribery Act;

• Assisting clients develop multi-jurisdictional investigative strategies.