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Dispute Consulting

Investigative support of complex international litigation and arbitration, including the pursuit of fraud and asset recovery

GPW provides dispute and investigative consulting to the world’s top litigators and in-house general counsel.  

We are routinely engaged to gather evidence and intelligence to help clients build and win cases, from simple fact-finding and locating and interviewing witnesses, to evidential and investigative support in complex international arbitration and litigation.

We have a wealth of experience in the following key areas:

Litigation support and consulting
  • Research to support our client’s litigation strategy – for example, identifying flaws or weaknesses in counterparties’ positions or key pieces of evidence
  • Locating and nurturing potential witnesses for current or anticipated proceedings 
International Asset Tracing & Recovery
  • Mapping the assets of individuals or corporate entities in support of litigation or arbitral awards 
  • Working with counsel to determine the most promising assets and jurisdictions for enforcement
Fraud, Internal and General Investigations
  • Investigating the circumstances around corruption, fraud or malpractice within an organisation or along a supply chain (including third party agents, suppliers, customers, etc.)
  • Conducting sensitive internal investigations, including interviewing employees and the discreet collection and analysis of digital data (see below)
  • Advising on sensitive or “hard to classify” commercial or personal situations
e-Discovery and Forensic Services
  • GPW hosts Intella Connect, a leading E-discovery platform on a custom built digital forensics environment, allowing clients to remotely access and interrogate large amounts of digital evidence
  • We are able to conduct imaging of electronic devices to recover deleted items, analyse email traffic, and gather other evidence for use in litigation. Find out more


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