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Fraud, Corruption & Internal Investigations

Investigative support in connection to fraud, malpractice or corruption within an organisation or along a supply chain

We are regularly called upon to investigate complex multi-jurisdictional fraud and malpractice

This involves identifying the various parties and offshore vehicles used to facilitate such schemes and establishing their nexus of relationship to specific individuals as well as beneficial ownership and money flows. As well as extracting probative value from the public record and the digital data available, such investigations often hinge on identifying and securing the cooperation of witnesses of fact.

We have a wealth of experience of conducting this work in some of the most challenging environments. In carrying out our investigations we have successfully worked alongside legal counsel, forensic accountants and internal compliance and security.

We apply the highest ethical and evidential standards and are as a result able to stand by both our work product and our investigative methodologies.

We constantly provide investigative support to leading litigators and in-house counsel conducting bribery, corruption and regulatory investigations worldwide

We are routinely engaged to gather evidence to help clients build cases against current and former employees, interrogate allegations made by whistleblowers, and discharge their obligations under the FCPA and Bribery Act, among others. Assignments can range from investigative support document reviews and interviews, to discrete pieces of digital forensic analysis to devising and executing complex multi-jurisdictional investigative strategies.

Recent case highlights
  • Acting on behalf of the board of an international holding company investigation entrenched corruption by local management throughout its Russian operations;
  • Advising a leading international law firm, on behalf of its client, on a highly sensitive investigation into corruption allegations concerning the award of contracts in the Middle East;
  • Supporting an emerging market financial institution in its investigations to establish a link between its bad debt portfolio and the malfeasance of its current and former management;
  • Working with a financial institution following an acquisition of a bank to identify assets fraudulently acquired under the previous management;
  • Advising a law firm acting on behalf of a listed company operating in an emerging market, in regard to the leak of propietary and price sensitive information;
  • Investigating allegations of corruption and bribery made against a senior employee of a multi-national active in emerging markets. This included the full spectrum of investigative methodologies included voluntary disclosure to the appropriate prosecuting authority;
  • Investigation of large scale commodities, trade finance and insurance claim frauds on behalf of investors, lenders and insurance companies;
  • Investigation of procurement fraud and preparation and submission of evidence in support of world wide freezing orders;
  • Investigation of investment scams on behalf of investors and funders.


Bruno Vickers