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Our People

James Hardman

Principal Analyst

James is an experienced multilingual corporate investigator with a particular interest in complex multi-jurisdictional cases. As Principal Analyst in our Dispute Consulting and Investigations practice he carries out and leads investigations for clients from the energy and extractive industries, financial institutions, multi-national corporations, international law firms and non-governmental organisations. 
James has experience of a wide variety of cases, including competitor intelligence, sanctions advisory, asset identification and recovery, and in-depth background and due diligence enquiries – the more challenging the better. He conducts open source research using a wide range of resources including foreign language publications, local databases and registries, and human intelligence sources, but also travels to liaise with GPW's network of contacts and conduct investigations on site. He has also been trained in the latest techniques and practices of digital forensics investigation and e-discovery and is well-versed in the collection, processing and analysis of digital evidence.
James focuses primarily on investigations in the former Soviet Union although he has experience performing cases of all kinds in jurisdictions across Europe, southern, central and eastern Asia, North America, the Caribbean and Latin America, Africa and the Pacific. He also supports GPW's Political Risk team on a wide range of investigative tasks, with a particular and ongoing focus on the impact of sanctions on those looking to invest in Russia.
James graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2013 with a BA in Modern and Medieval Languages, with a focus on Russian history and culture. He also speaks French and Spanish.