Political Risk

Decision making in emerging and frontier markets, where information is sparse and the political landscape can be complex and opaque, is challenging. 

GPW provides insight into key factors at play: geopolitics, domestic politics, the economy, and operational issues. 

We enable our clients to develop a suitable “company to country” strategy and navigate sudden or arbitrary changes in government policy.

Market Entry

  • Assessing regional geopolitics to identify investment opportunity
  • Evaluating domestic political, regulatory and operational risks in new markets
  • Navigating problematic relations with host governments
  • Assessing security and operational risk
Political risk advisory
  • Providing regular updates on host government dynamics
  • Monitoring potentially unstable situations which may impact a client's business
  • Evaluating current and future exposure to sanctions, competitor activity or changes in government policy and regulation
Stakeholder & Government Relations
  • Understanding the power structure of host governments and how the client is positioned within that structure
  • Mapping the key stakeholders, 'blockers' and 'enablers' in both government and the business community, and determining the best path forward for the client
  • Advising on advocacy options and conduits to key decision-makers