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Livia Paggi - BBC Azerbaijan

27 April 2018

Analysis: Ilham Aliyev's visit to London reveals his "priorities".

Chris Tooke - Financial Times

25 April 2018

Putin urges calm as protesters return to Armenia capital. 

Livia Paggi - Atameken

19 April 2018

Sanctions against Russia may have a twofold influence on investments into the Kazakh mining sector. 

Livia Paggi - Kursiv

18 April 2018

Sanctions against Russia can play to the benefit of Kazakhstan's mining and smelting industry.

Andrew Risk - Newsweek

16 April 2018

U.S. Sanctions on Russia already hurting Putin's oligarchs.

Livia Paggi - Bloomberg

09 April 2018

Deripaska goes from famous Russian billionaire to global outcast in just three days. 

Philip Worman - Evening Standard

15 March 2018

British diplomats 'to be expelled from Russia' in 'tit-for-tat' over nerve agent plot.

Philip Worman - Los Angeles Times

12 March 2018

UK is infused with Russian money, making a crackdown hard.

Livia Paggi - Moscow Times

31 January 2018

Can Russia sustain its foreign policy power?  

Livia Paggi - Financial Times

01 November 2017

New York terror attack turns spotlight on Central Asia.

Livia Paggi - Financial Times

15 October 2017

Former prime minister wins Kyrgyz poll.

Livia Paggi - Bloomberg

13 October 2017

Something unusual in Central Asia: An unpredictable election.

Livia Paggi - New York Times

09 September 2017

Can a giant science fair transform Kazakhstan's economy?

Chris Tooke - Nikkei Asian Review

01 September 2017

Kazakh capital seeks center stage with Syria peace talks.

Livia Paggi - The Economist

Oct/Nov 2016

Azerbaijan: Heaping on the caviar diplomacy.

Livia Paggi - Wall Street Journal

23 September 2016

Uzbekistan's political succession puts spotlight on Karimov family fortune.

Chris Tooke - Kommersant

22 April 2016

Uranium will hide from the market until better times. 

Livia Paggi - Financial Times

05 April 2016

Ceasefire agree in Nagorno-Karabakh after dozens killed in clashes. 

Livia Paggi - Financial Times

10 March 2016

Azerbaijan seeks to raise $2bn bond for energy project.

Livia Paggi - Financial Times

19 January 2016

Azerbaijan resorts to capital controls as oil crunch worsens.

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