Relationship & influence mapping

Detailed relationship and influence mapping by sector or country, providing intelligence for investors in emerging and frontier markets.

Emerging markets are often characterised by complex and deep relationships between political and business figures. Major shifts in political regimes can lead to previously firm relationships becoming compromised and untenable. Mapping these relationships in a clear and reliable way is critical to navigating business risks and understanding elite-level politics.

Relationship mapping diagram

GPW draws upon a wealth of political risk analysis and business intelligence in emerging and frontier markets to compile accurate and detailed relationship maps of the key individuals and groups that can impact our clients’ businesses and operations.

Our intelligence and analysis is drawn from detailed research in the regions concerned, multiple client projects, and the use of intelligence mapping software. We highlight formal and informal links between prominent individuals, interest groups and political structures; we show those links changing over time, providing a vital reference for investors in rapidly shifting markets.

How we can help

Our detailed relationship and influence mapping provides a key resource for investors in emerging and frontier markets.