Russia & the CIS

GPW, ведущая международная компания, которая предоставляет корпоративные расследования, поиск бизнес информации и анализ политических рисков. Мы специализируемся на Роcсии и странах СНГ.

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & the Baltic States

GPW provides intelligence and analysis for critical business decisions. We are experts in the jurisdictions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States.

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States

Our intelligence and advice is based on an extensive source network and a wealth of experience built up over years of work on the ground. We advise on the full range of issues facing investors throughout the deal cycle – from market entry, transaction execution and political risk to investment monitoring and consulting. We conduct detailed mapping and analysis of relationships and provide contextual intelligence on business links, reputation and political exposure. Our team includes Russian and Ukrainian speakers who travel frequently to the region and maintain a strong network of sources in key business areas.

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Central Asia & the South Caucasus

GPW has extensive experience of conducting sensitive analysis and research in the diverse markets of Central Asia.

Central Asia and the South Caucasus

We are regularly retained by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for research in the FSU region and have built up our practice to include Russian speakers as well as Armenian and Ukrainian speakers.

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Other regions

  • Africa — GPW’s African expertise and experience lies across the deal cycle, from market entry and pre-acquisition screening to litigation support and fraud investigations.
  • Latin America & the Caribbean — GPW’s Latin America and Caribbean practice includes both Portuguese and Spanish native speakers, all of whom have a wealth of experience working in the region in different sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Middle East, North Africa & South Asia — GPW provides intelligence for clients entering and operating in the challenging environments of Middle East and North Africa.