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Speaking Events

Peter Pender-Cudlip - Legal500 Middle East Disputes Summit

1 May 2019, Dubai

Participated in panel discussion on Third Party Funding.

Livia Paggi - Minex Conference

18 April 2018, Astana

Key challenges, prospects and change drivers in the mining industry - focus on Central Asia.

Ashley Messick - LF Academy

15 March 2018, Moscow

Enforcement of arbitral awards and interaction with state courts after the arbitration reform.

Philip Worman - EuroFinance

05 October 2017, Barcelona

International Treasury Management Conference.

Philip Worman - Sovereign Wealth

29 March 2017, London

Global Sovereign Wealth Forum.

Philip Worman - C5

25 January 2017, Berlin

Iran Post-Sanctions Business Forum.

Philip Worman - Focus Iran Summit

26 September 2016, Tehran

Organised by International Finance Magazine and Open Iran Group.

Philip Worman - Global Law Summit

24 February 2015, London

Building and protecting reputation and privacy in the 21st Century.

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