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What we do

GPW Group is a leading global investigations and intelligence company.

We anticipate and mitigate risk for our clients' businesses. Our expertise is in the 'soft' issues that are complementary to legal and financial advice - political dynamics, the behaviour of individuals, and uncovering information that is deliberately hidden. 

Why us?

We are an independent owner-managed business with an established track record in dealing with sensitive commercial issues.

We have worked on critical issues facing businesses – high stakes litigation, internal fraud, and confidential merger situations. We are often retained to work on board-level mandates.

We are transparent in our pricing, methodology and deliverables. We are honest about where we can and cannot add value. We express our opinions in our reports and are not afraid to make recommendations based on our findings.

We are also careful not to overstate risk or apply hyperbole to our findings. We provide an objective view of business risk.

Our clients

Our clients include
  • Corporations - from extractives, industrial to high-tech;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Asset managers, including private equity, fund managers and hedge funds;
  • High net worth individuals and family offices;
  • Law firms and corporate counsel;
  • Multi-lateral banks (including the EBRD);

How we work

We are specialists in uncovering 'difficult to find' information. We use a blend of thorough primary source research and - above all - human intelligence. We recognise the limitations and frequent unreliability of public material. We apply creative problem solving to reaching the heart of the matter and finding the decisive piece of intelligence or evidence that our clients need. 

Confidentiality, anti-bribery and ethical standards

High ethical standards are central to our business
  • Client confidentiality is paramount. We maintain scrupulous operational security; we minimise the amount of proprietary data we take into politically sensitive countries; we strive to ensure that any approaches to sources are carefully managed and do not put our – or our client’s – reputation at risk;
  • We adhere to all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate;
  • We do nothing that is ‘grey’, questionable, or that might reasonably be considered as such;
  • We do not pay serving government officials or competitor employees for information;
  • Retained sources sign strict anti-bribery/FCPA agreements.

                            "GPW marks the rise of a new breed of sophisticated, globally networked and agile firms that have opened up clear water between themselves and larger risk consultancies."

The Times