Where we work

GPW is adept at collating, assessing and analysing intelligence from difficult operating environments.

We provide unrivalled business intelligence and political risk appraisal throughout the deal cycle in emerging and frontier markets including Russia & CIS, South Asia, Central Asia and the South Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East, and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are also familiar with many of the offshore financial centres globally.

  • Africa — GPW’s African expertise and experience lies across the deal cycle, from market entry and pre-acquisition screening to litigation support and fraud investigations.
  • Russia & the CIS — GPW provides intelligence and analysis for critical business decisions. We are experts in the jurisdictions of Russia & CIS.
  • Latin America & the Caribbean — GPW’s Latin America and Caribbean practice includes both Portuguese and Spanish native speakers, all of whom have a wealth of experience working in the region in different sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Middle East, North Africa & South Asia — GPW provides intelligence for clients entering and operating in the challenging environments of Middle East and North Africa.


GPW provides analysis on the key risks in Iran – strategic decision making, sanctions compliance and due diligence.

Despite a comprehensive deal on the restrictions to Iran’s nuclear program and global enthusiasm for doing business in Iran, numerous sanctions against the Iranian revolutionary Guard Council and entities associated with human rights abuses or terrorism remain in place. GPW advises companies investing in Iran on navigating these complex problems.